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Clearing Out The Sewer Line Yourself

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If you are a new property owner, you might be surprised to find out that you are responsible for taking care of your home sewer line. This is a drain that travels from the main waste/vent stack to the sewer main. The city is responsible for taking care of the main sewer, but you are responsible for taking care of your home sewer line. 

Determining the Source of the Clog

When the clog is outside of your home, you will need to determine if the clog is the result of an object that has been lodged into the drain or if the drain has separated, collapsed or cracked. If there is significant damage to the drain, you will need to hire a licensed plumber to resolve the problem.

You can determine if tree roots have grown into the sewer line by identifying where the sewer line is and by determining if a tree is growing near the line. However, you may be unable to determine if that is the exact cause of the clog and you may need a licensed plumber who can use a camera to visually inspect the clog on the inside. Otherwise, you are flying blind.

Removing the Clog with an Auger

If the clog is the result of an object or tree roots clogging the drain, you will need to use an electric-powered drum auger. These will generally cost about $100 a day. When you are purchasing the auger, also be sure to purchase gloves from the same location as the auger because they will know which gloves will be safe to use with the auger.

You will need to find a drain opening that is the closest to the area where the clog is located. Put the head of the cable into the drain and feed the cable into the sewer as the auger is operating. Make sure to hold the cable with both hands. If you hit a tough clog, you will need to reverse the auger to prevent the cable from kinking.

Hiring a Licensed Plumber

Cleaning a drain yourself can be difficult because the process will be very messy. You might need to clean the auger to remove sewage sludge. Also, the auger can be around 150 pounds and you may have a difficult time moving it to the appropriate location. It is much easier to hire a licensed plumber who can bring the electric auger to your home, complete the job and let you return your life back to normal.

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