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Spruce Up Your Garage Door With These Clever Design Ideas

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Garage doors are often considered an essential part of any home with a garage, but not a major design feature. Instead of allowing your garage door to be an unsightly feature of your home, you'll benefit greatly by turning it into one of your favorite parts of your home. With the following five design ideas, you can enhance your home's curb appeal with a new or remodeled garage door.

Avoid Straight Lines and Choose Curves

If your garage door is looking drab, it could be due to the standard shape of it. Straight lines are common with garage doors, so it's likely that it looks unappealing against the exterior of your home. A good way to customize the front of your home is through choosing a garage door with plenty of curves in the design, either above the door or with curved panels.

Incorporate Windows

Windows can help add an interesting detail to the garage door and can even provide some use since they will allow you to view outside of your garage. To ensure that the contents of your garage are safe from prying eyes, it may be a good idea to get window film applied to the windows to provide some extra privacy.  

Get Inspired by Your Landscaping

The landscaping around the front of your home can help give you some good ideas for your garage door. For example, a leaning trellis can be mounted next to your garage door, taking off some of the focus of your garage door.

Stick with a Similar Color Scheme or Stand Out

There are two general rules when working with colors and your garage door- choose a neutral look or a drastically different look. If you want the garage door to simply complement the rest of your home, choose a door or paint your existing door to fit the existing color scheme. To make the door stand out, pick out a color that fits well with your home, but still looks unique.

Add a Border with Molding

To provide some definition to the front of your home, consider getting a border put in around your door. A crisp border can make a big impact to the way your garage door looks without costing a lot of money for the project.

As you explore options for garage door remodeling, you'll have plenty of options for making your door either stand out or fit in nicely. Keeping in mind how you want your garage door to look and the curb appeal of your home can help direct you towards design choices you'll be happy with. Talk to places like Plano Overhead Garage Door for more information.