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New Construction Company? Make Sure To Certify And Train Your Crane Operators

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If you're a new construction company looking to buy or rent a crane for your projects, you need to understand how to operate the equipment property. If your workers lack the proper training to operate a crane, they can accidentally harm other people on your construction sites. Accidents can lead to lawsuits and expenses that hurt your company's reputation and finances. Before you take your crane out into the field, make sure that your workers receive the proper certification and training first.

Certify Every Worker Who Operates Your Crane 

Every construction worker who will operate the crane must receive the proper credentials from an OSHA-approved school. OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, governs the health and safety of numerous businesses in the United States, including construction work and crane operators.

Because your workers must have have excellent vision, hand dexterity and hearing to operate the crane during transfers and lifts, OSHA requires that the employees receive extensive training from an approved heavy equipment operation school.

The school must provide your workers with training in:

  • Hoisting, lifting and rigging operations
  • Heavy transfer operations
  • Routine and emergency maintenance and care operations

The school should also show your workers how to operate boom, lattice and overhead cranes. Learning how to operate different cranes makes it easier on you when you need to rent or buy new equipment for your projects.

After they take the proper classes, your employers will take their certification exams through the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators. You should request copies of each employee's credentials for your records. OSHA will require that you have the credentials on hand when the organization:

  • Audits your company to see if it's compliant with OSHA's safety rules
  • Performs routine inspections of your company
  • Investigates construction site injuries that involve operating a crane

Keep Recertification Records Updated

Once your employees learn how to operate your crane, they must recertify every five years. If you don't keep detailed records of the employees' original certification dates, they can operate your crane illegally. As a result, you jeopardize your company's standing with OSHA if the organization finds out.

You will need to pay for each employee who needs certification classes. Many heavy equipment schools offer group discounts if you plan to use their services regularly. If your company needs to certify many employees, but you can't afford the educational expenses right now, you can hire a crane operating company like Cook Crane Corp to do the work for you. It may fit your budget better to outsource your work.