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Four Steps To Building A Deck For Your Home From Scratch

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If you want to have more outdoor living space, adding to your home with a deck can be a great solution. This is something that you can do yourself with the right materials and a few tools. There are many simple decks that you can build. To build your deck, you will need to choose a plan, install structural support, and add the decking. You may want to use prefabricated railings to make things easier. Here are the basic steps you will need to take in building your backyard deck:

1. Planning Your Deck And Preparing To Attach It

The first thing you will want to do is plan how you want to build your deck. This can be done by marking the location of the deck. Snap chalk lines (to make sure your deck is lined up properly) and use flags to mark where posts should go You may also need to prepare to attach it to your home. If the deck will be attached to brick, it can be bolted to your home. If you have siding, you will want to remove the siding where the deck is going to be attached to your home.

2. Installing Structural Supports To Carry The Load

Once you are prepared to attach the deck to your home, you will want to start with a band where your deck will be attached to your home. This should be bolted to your home with the appropriate type of bolts. You will also want to set posts, which need to be at every load-bearing point of the deck. You'll need to dig deep enough holes so that the posts can be firmly implanted in cement footings.  

3. Building Your Deck Frame And Installing The Joists

To finish the structure, you will need to build the beams and add the joists. Every place there is a joint in the beams, you will need to have a post. You can use joist-hangers to set the joists, which you can be placed on 24, 16, or 12-inches on center. 16 inches is usually enough to carry the span of decking materials.

4. Installing The Decking And Railings To Finish The Deck

The last step is to install the decking. You will want to start from your home and fasten the decking pieces. You will want to make sure that the decking does not have joints that meet in the same place. For the railing and posts, you can use prefabricated railings and attach the posts to the dimensions of the railings.

These are the basic steps that you will need to take to build your own deck for your home. If you need materials to start your project, you can contact a building supplier, like N.Z. Cramer & Son Inc | Building Supplies, to get the materials that you need.