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Three Tips To Prevent Bubbles From Forming While You Stain Your Wooden Siding

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Wooden siding is a particularly good material to put on your home because of its unparalleled attractiveness. Additionally, once you've done all the initial installation work, it'll tend to last longer than other cheaper materials like plastic siding. But to prevent the particular problem of bubbles forming while you're applying a protective stain to your wooden siding, you should studiously follow these three tips.

Don't Start Your Staining Job On A Very Hot And Sunny Day

After you apply the stain, it'll need a lot of time to fully sink into the wood before it dries. Otherwise, some parts of the stain may concentrate on the surface and form annoying bubbles.

The more heat and sunlight the stain on your wooden siding has to deal with, the faster the coat will harden and dry. Therefore, to ensure that no significant problems with bubbles develop in the hours after you apply the stain, make sure that you do all of your work on the coolest and cloudiest day you can reasonably wait for.

Wipe Down The Siding With A Dry Cloth Before You Begin

One disadvantage of placing wood on the exterior of your home is the fact that moisture can collect and linger on it far easier than it can on other surfaces. While you can be pretty sure that plastic siding that hasn't seen rain in a few days is reasonably dry, the issue is more complicated when it comes to wood.

Before you start the work of applying the stain, spend at least a few minutes going over every exposed part of your home's wooden siding with a dry and durable cloth. Remember to keep the cloth stationary over each particular siding part. If you apply a small amount of pressure, most of the moisture that's hiding just below the porous surface of the wood will be released.

Have Your Staining Instrument In One Hand And A Brush With Thick Bristles In The Other

While some stain bubbles will form in the hours after you finish the application process, others can materialize only a few moments after you make a particularly clumsy mistake with your staining instrument. Especially if you're using an electric sprayer that sprays liquid stainer over a lot of siding at once, it's important to keep a brush with thick bristles in your other hand to quickly address any unevenness in the coat.

Almost any visitor will think very poorly of your home if there are lots of visible stain bubbles on your wooden siding. Therefore, to protect both your reputation and your home's property value, it's important to guard against any mistakes in the stain application process that are easy to avoid.

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