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3 Tips For Dealing With The Aftermath Of A House Fire

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A house fire can be an extremely traumatic, dangerous, and stressful situation. In the event of a fire in your home, the most obvious first step is to get all people and pets out of the house to safety as quickly as possible. After the flames are extinguished, there are several things that you will have to deal with in order to restore your home to its previous state. Use the following tips for dealing with the aftermath of a house fire:

Exercise Extreme Caution When Entering the Premises 

It is important to not to enter your home after a fire until you receive the okay from the fire department. Even when all of the flames are out, be extremely careful, as a fire can compromise the integrity of the floors and wall. It is a good idea to wear some type of mask over your face, as particles found in soot can be harmful if inhaled.

Contact Your Insurance Company Immediately

Repairing a home after a fire can be very expensive, and most homeowners will need to file a claim with their homeowners insurance company. The sooner you contact your insurance company, the sooner restoration and repairs can begin. Your insurance company may require you to secure the home by boarding damaged windows or any other opening created by the fire. Inquire about any coverage for emergency shelter at a hotel while your home is being repaired; some insurance companies will pay these costs upfront, while others will reimburse you, so keep all receipts. In addition to providing you with information about how to get the repair process started, your insurance company will also most likely request a list of any belongings that were damaged, and how much you paid for them.

Begin the Clean Up Process

You may be surprised by the mess that is created when a house fire is put out. You will likely encounter soot, water, and a film on the walls from smoke. For a fire that caused extensive damage, it is in your best interest to hire a company that specializes in fire damage clean-up. The costs associated with clean up from the fire should be covered by your homeowners insurance. If an extensive amount of water from a fire house was required to put out the fire, look for a company that also offers water damage restoration. It is important to get your house dried out as quickly as possible in order to prevent the growth of mold, which can cause extensive damage inside your house.

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