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3 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Concrete Contractor

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If you're looking to install a concrete driveway or patio at home, but find the prospect of pouring and stamping the concrete too daunting to take on by yourself, you'll want to consider getting in touch with a concrete contractor. When you find a contractor you like, be ready to ask a variety of questions and write down the answers so you know exactly what to expect when the concrete pouring process begins. Take a look below at just three questions you'll want to have answered.

Can I have some references?

References are the closest you can get to a crystal ball that tells you what your project will look like once it is finished. Ask prospective contractors to provide you with a handful of local addresses where you can check out previous projects. Try to talk to homeowners about their satisfaction with the contractor's work and do a careful inspection of the concrete to see how well it has held up to the test of time. Contractors will be more than happy to provide additional pictures of their past work as well.

What happens in case things don't go exactly as planned?

Though most residential projects are completed on time and with no significant hassle, there are several things that are out of both the customer's and the contractor's control that can delay a project. Weather is by far the most common culprit. Before you sign on with a specific contractor, ask them what they plan to do in case of inclement weather, and what adjusted timeline you can expect in the worst case scenario. Though it's rare that the worst case scenario turns out to be the one you actually deal with, it's good to have a backup plan.

What maintenance will I have to perform on my project in the future?

While hiring a contractor means that you can lay back and relax during the actual job, that doesn't mean that there won't be maintenance required on your behalf after the contractor has left at the end of a project. Ask contractors about what maintenance you will need done in the future, and at what intervals. Knowing roughly what you'll need to budget to keep up appearances on your project over the course of the next few years is invaluable information. Contractors can also easily supply information based on previous projects that are similar to your own.  

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