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Purchasing Property? A Quick Guide to How the Land Surveying Process Works

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If you need to hire a land surveyor to determine the boundaries of a property you are purchasing, it helps to understand exactly how he or she goes about the job. It is not as simple as coming out to your property and measuring your plot of land; it requires research and reasoning, as well.

First, Your Land Surveyor Will Start with Research

The first thing your surveyor will do in order to establish the boundary lines of your property is research. They will look up and try to find documents related to your property where the boundaries have been noted before, such as the deed, title certificate, or abstracts.

If the property you are purchasing was divided from a larger plot of land, your surveyor will go back and try to find the documents associated with the original plot of land. They will use these records to make sure that your plot was properly divided from the original land; even if this happened years ago, there could still be discrepancies.

Finally, your surveyor will look into any easements associated with your land. Once again, they will collect all documents related to the easements to make sure everything matches up.

Next, Your Land Surveyor Will Measure Your Land

Once your land surveyor has researched the historical measurements and documents associated with your land, they will come out and measure it. They will see if the existing boundaries of your land line up with the historic documents associated with your plot.

Depending on the layout of your land, the surveyor will use a variety of tools to measure your current land boundaries. They will try to base these measurements as much as possible off the information found in their research; however, old surveying measurements may be based off of trees or buildings that no longer exist. This means your land surveyor may also have to use their best judgment.

Finally, Your Land Surveyor Will Give You a Professional Assessment

After your surveyor measures the existing boundaries, they will compare them with their research and make any necessary adjustments to your property boundaries. Your surveyor will be able to let you know if any other properties are encroaching on your land. They will also let you know if you are exceeding your boundaries and work with you to address these issues.

Once all the above issues have been addressed, your land surveyor will issue their professional assessment, which will then become the new legal standard for defining the boundaries of your land. Find a property surveyor in your area for more information or to set up a consultation.