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Choosing The Right Kitchen Countertop Material

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Choosing the material for your countertop can be tough. There are so many choices to choose from today. Luckily, this article will guide you on the basics of the materials at your disposal:

Natural Stone

This includes soapstone, granite, and slate. Granite, for example, is relatively costly. It can be found in many high end kitchens and is one of the most popular materials around. You can select from a wide variety of colors, ranging from brilliant blues to deep blacks and beautiful whites. The long thick slabs that it comes in are customized to your needs. Soapstone and slate are not quite as versatile as granite. Soapstone often has a dark green, even black hue. Slate is very dense and comes in mainly reds, grays, blacks, and greens. Keep in mind that soapstone is porous and should be sealed with mineral oil to protect against staining.

Solid Surfaces

Solid-surfacing material, such as Avonite or Corian, synthetic materials made from acrylic or polyester. They are resistant to stains and scratches and are easily repairable. If they are scratched or burned, it is usually not an issue to sand them out. Seams can be fused and then you will have a joint that is difficult to detect. Able to mimic natural stone, these materials are a great low cost alternative.

Plastic Laminate

This material is hard-wearing and durable. It is made of plastic but is very resilient. Many colors and patterns are available to you.

Ceramic Tile

This is a low-maintenance option. Seamless countertops seem to be on every homeowner's mind, and with ceramic tile that is exactly what you get. Tile can help with backsplashes or simply work areas like cooking islands.


This traditional material is still in style. Wooden countertops are beautiful and timeless. Sometimes, the maintenance can be higher but for those that love wood it is all worth it.


These countertops resemble natural stone. For this reason, they have become very popular in recent years. You can customize concrete countertops to any shape you desire. Also, their maintenance costs are very low over the long haul.

Sometimes, your kitchen countertops become the most important choice to make about your kitchen. After all, everyone will see them. Your guests, your family, and even your neighbors will have opinions about what material to use. But make sure that you examine all the options before investing in the one that suits you best.