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Pros And Cons Of Built-In Cabinet Walls

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Built-ins are gaining in popularity again, and more homeowners are looking into adding custom cabinet walls everywhere from the living room to the bedroom. While there are many advantages to custom furniture walls, there are also serious things to consider.

Customize Your Storage Solutions

No matter how much you downsize, it seems there is never enough storage space for all your stuff. Built-ins give you the ability to design your space to fit the things you own, such as that large-screen television, sporting gear or odd-sized collectibles. They are designed to unobtrusively blend in with your existing decor. Having everything tucked away in its own place helps give your home a cleaner, more minimal look.

Make a Room Dual Purpose

Built-ins can be designed to make rooms serve two purposes, such as adding a home office space in a living room or a homework area in a child's room. They can even be designed to be hidden away when not in use, with features such as drop-down desks and hidden drawers.  

Save Garage Space

Without sufficient storage space indoors, things like seasonal decorations, outdoor seating cushions and sports equipment end up tossed into the garage. If you only have a single garage, this can sometimes make it unusable to park your car. Adding custom built-in cabinets inside the house keeps everything safe, dry, organized and lets you use your garage for its intended purpose.

Disadvantages of Built-in Cabinet Walls

As with all decorating decisions, you need to consider the drawbacks to installing permanent furniture to your home. Some of the disadvantages are

  • Built-ins take up floor space. In smaller rooms, a cabinet wall can be overwhelming. Alternative custom overhead cabinets will let you keep your floor space while still providing additional storage, but they aren't as attractive.
  • A cabinet wall may affect resale value. While some home buyers love built-ins, others need the wall space for their own furniture.
  • Things change. What fit perfectly into your cabinets when they were built may not fit once children are grown or your lifestyle changes. For example, if you don't need a home office anymore, you are stuck with an expensive project that is now useless.

While built-in cabinet walls are a wonderful way to blend in your storage with your decor, they also come with some disadvantages you need to consider. Call your local custom cabinetry builder for a consultation to find out if built-ins are right for you.  To learn more, contact a company like Red River Granite