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Stop Foundation Damage With A Push Pier

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Do you have diagonal cracks in your foundation? Do you see diagonal cracks in your drywall extending from your doors or windows? Do you have a sloping floor? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you need to have a foundation repair company like Spiers Construction inspect your foundation, and, if necessary, make repairs. 

How Do You Repair a Foundation?

If your home is built over fill material that was not compacted properly or over organic material, such as peat, your home may start to settle. If this settling is not even, then your foundation can start to crack, and if not checked, this cracking can destroy your entire home. Foundation repair technicians will anchor your home to the bedrock with piers, which are like metal stilts designed to hold up your home even if the surrounding soil is insufficient to provide support. 

What Type of Pier Should You Use?

You have two basic types of piers that you can use. The first type of pier is known as a helical pier. Such a pier will look like a giant screw and is turned into the earth outside your house like a screw. When using a helical pier for foundation repair problems can arise: For example, the helixes on the pier can make it hard to drive the pier straight into the ground, and if the soil is too soft, then a helical pier may not work like it should.

The second type of pier is known as a push pier. This type of pier is driven into the ground with a hydraulic mechanism. This process allows the pier to be driven close to your foundation with minimal ground disturbance. Thus, push piers are ideal for established homes that require foundation repair. 

Do I Ask for an Estimate or Not?

Just because your foundation has cracks does not necessarily mean that your home requires foundation repair. Even though you might have to pay for an estimate, you should get a thorough analysis of your home's need for foundation repair or not. In the end, paying for someone to inspect your home and tell you that no repairs are required is less expensive than allowing the damage to continue until your home is irreparable. 

When you see cracks in your foundation, contact a company that specializes in foundation repair and stabilization to learn what your options are. A quick response to the appearance of cracks is the best way to ensure that your home stays viable for years to come.