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Use Tumbled Natural Stones To Improve Drainage In A Flowerbed

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If drainage is poor in a flowerbed that is on your property, add a variety of tumbled natural stones to the soil to assist with the problem. Natural stones will allow rainwater to gradually seep into the ground, eliminating puddling. The stones will also prevent weed growth around plants and give the flowerbed a unique appearance. The following steps will teach you how to add the stones and create a decorative border around the flowerbed.


  • weed puller
  • wheelbarrow
  • topsoil
  • garden shovel
  • rake
  • tumbled natural stones (various colors)
  • measuring tape
  • garden stakes
  • natural stone pavers or paving rocks

Remove Weeds And Add Topsoil 

Use a weed puller to eliminate weeds from the flowerbed. Insert the edge of the tool around each weed and press downwards to loosen the soil. Grasp each weed with both weeds and pull upwards to remove it and the root system. Place the weeds in a wheelbarrow so that you can easily move them away from the flowerbed. Once the flowerbed is weed-free, use a shovel to add topsoil to any parts of the flowerbed that isn't level with the rest of the ground. Use a rake to even out the new soil.

Add Tumbled Natural Stones 

Purchase a couple bags of tumbled natural stones from a landscaping business. Stones like these will have a smooth, shiny surface and they come in a variety of colors. Sandstone, travertine, and granite are a few varieties that are popular. These rocks also come in various shades. Add the stones to the flowerbed, being careful not to place them on any parts of the plants that are growing. Spread the stones out as evenly as possible until a layer that is the same thickness is covering the soil. 

Create A Decorative Border 

Measure the sides of the flowerbed and mark the corners with garden stakes. Purchase enough natural stone pavers or paving rocks to cover the marked section. Place the stones on the ground to form a border, pressing each one down firmly as it is added. Once the entire marked section is covered, remove the garden stakes.

Whenever it rains, water will seep slowly into the ground and puddling will no longer be an issue. As long as you efficiently covered the soil with stones, weeds will not be likely to grow in the flowerbed. Enjoy the beauty of the flowerbed without needing to complete extensive maintenance steps any longer. To find out more, speak with a company like Southwest Brick & Fireplace.