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5 Ways To Customize Your Inground Pool

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You want your swimming pool to be a focal point of your home as a beautiful water scene for fun and relaxation. Here are 5 ways you can customize your inground pool so you can love the addition to your property even more.


Your swimming pool can be outfitted with a living fountain that trickles water into your pool for an exotic, relaxing effect. Fountains are usually placed along the edge of your pool in the front or back so the water cascades into the shallow end where you swim or lounge. You can have a fountain created out of natural or artificial rock to suit the aesthetic appeal you are looking for.

Hot tub

A hot tub can be built inside your existing pool to break up the large space and create a new area of relaxation without having to actually get out of the pool to get in. Custom walls and lighting are placed in the hot tub built in either corner of your existing pool, so everything remains seamless and attractive.

Pool liner

You can customize your pool liner so your swimming area always has a beautiful appeal. You can have a mosaic made around your pool's border or even opt for unique liner colors, such as aqua, black, or even navy, to give your pool an elegant, dark appeal. Liners are sold by the linear foot in most cases, and come in patterned styles, similar to the way linoleum is sold for your home's floors.


Custom lighting in and around your pool area can make swimming at night fun and safe. Consider having recessed lighting installed in your pool's deck so you have the ample lighting you need for lounging in and around your pool at night. Lights can come in a variety of hues, from a bright white to a light blue, to set the tone you are looking for.


Consider adding a slide to your inground pool so you can really make a splash. A slide can be installed at the deepest end of your pool, and can be designed out of rock or faux rock to add an appeal to your pool's overall design. If you really want to shake things up, install a twisting slide for swimming fun.

You can make your swimming pool as custom as you'd like, from inground pool liners in colors you love to changing up your pool's lighting. Talk to a pool contractor about the additions you'd like to add to your pool to make it a great place to hang out.