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Signs Your Water Well Is Not Deep Enough

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If you have a water well, you might not want to think about it not providing you with the water that you and your family need. However, in some cases, it becomes necessary to dig a deeper well because the existing well is too shallow. These are a few signs that your well might not be deep enough.

1. Your Water Pressure Is Reduced

A whole host of different problems can cause the water pressure in your home to be reduced, including plumbing leaks and problems with your well. However, if you have had your well and plumbing checked out and can't seem to find a problem, but if your water pressure level still isn't where it should be, it could be because your well is not deep enough and is not pumping enough water.

2. Your Neighbors Have Water Well Issues

Do your neighbors have their own wells? If so, and if you have heard complaints from neighbors who have said that they have had to have their wells dug deeper due to a lack of water, you might want to keep an eye on your own water levels. This is because, even though you might not have had any signs of your water well not being deep enough yet, you might just find yourself in a similar situation to that of your neighbors in the near future.

3. Your Water Is Sandy or Gritty

Another thing to look at is your water quality. If your water has sand or grit in it, it's a good sign that your water well is not able to pull up enough water. In many cases, digging a deeper well will eliminate this problem, and your well will be able to pump clean water for you and your family rather than pumping up sand and dirt.

If your water well is not able to pump enough water for your family's use, you will need to address the problem as soon as possible if you want to avoid being without much-needed water. In the meantime, conserving water as much as possible and keeping extra water stored in your home is smart. Then, you can help ensure that your family has the water that it needs until a professional is able to come out, determine that your well is, in fact, too shallow and assist you in the process of installing a new, deeper well.