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Signs Of A Failing Well Pump

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If you are on well water, then you know how important your pump is to the everyday operation of the well. Without it, there is no way to get the water how of the well and to the tap, where you need it most. Knowing the signs of a failing pump allows you to replace or repair it before you are left high and dry.

Sign #1: Low water pressure

Occasional drops in pressure aren't usually of concern, only frequent or sustained drops. If you notice low pressure, first verify that the issue is consistent across all taps. If only one tap is having pressure problems, there could simply be a clog in that specific faucet's tap or water line. When all taps experience the drop in pressure, your next job is to check the flotation bladder in your well's pressure tank. If this is functional, schedule a pump inspection. In some cases a pump only needs cleaned or tuned up so it can process water at the previous rate, while in other cases you may be due a replacement.

Sign #2: Running or cycling constantly

Generally, your well pump should mainly only run during and immediately following use. If it is running constantly without shutting off, or if it begins cycling on and off frequently when no water has been used, there is likely a failure somewhere within the pump. Often this is simply a failed relay switch, which you can get repaired so that the pump doesn't fail completely. Sometimes this indicates that the motor is failing, though, and it will be time for a new pump.

Sign #3: A noisy pump

Most well pumps make some discernible noise, but it should be recognizable as the dull, muted roar of a motor. If the noise is high pitched, this indicates that a component within the pump is likely beginning to go out. Grinding sounds can mean something is lodged in the pump, or they may indicate a failing motor. Another concerning noise is rattling and shaking, which may be most noticeable near exposed pipes when the pump is running. If your pump is shaking enough to rattle the pipes, then there is likely a loose or broken mount that requires repair before permanent pump damage occurs.

If you have further questions about your well pump or need to replace it, contact a pump contractor service in your area, such as Jamison  Well Drilling Inc.