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Things To Know About Adding A Carport To Your Property

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There are many homeowners that want a safe place to store their car, but they may lack a full garage. These individuals can be well-served by opting to have a carport added to their property. When adding a carport, there are some basic pieces of information that you should know about this upgrade.

How Is A Carport Secured To The Ground?

In order to prevent a carport from being blown away or otherwise accidentally moved, it will need to be thoroughly secured to the ground. This can be done by adding a foundation for the carport, but most homeowners will want to avoid this additional expense. Luckily, there are long spikes that can be inserted into the ground to hold the carport in place. Homeowners that live on loose or unstable soil may need to have concrete added to the base of these spikes to ensure they are firmly held in place.

Is It Possible To Move A Carport?

Due to the way that a carport is secured to the ground, it can be extremely difficult to move. However, it is possible for contractors to be able to remove the spikes anchoring the carport in place. Due to the costs associated with moving a carport, you should be extremely thoughtful when choosing a location for it as this will reduce the risk of you needing to move the carport in the future.

What Are The Maintenance Requirements For A Metal Carport?

Metal carports, such as A-frame metal carports, are extremely low maintenance additions to make to your property. The most common type of care that a metal carport will require is regular cleanings. This will eliminate algae, dirt or any other substances that may get on the exterior of the carport. If you want your carport a particular color, it will be necessary to keep it painted. Typically, a carport will only need to be painted every few years, and regularly cleaning it will reduce this need by removing substances that could potentially harm the metal.

What Types Of Permissions Are Needed To Install A Carport?

There may be some permissions that will need to be obtained before you install the carport. More precisely, some communities will require a permit for any type of addition to a home. Furthermore, there are neighborhood associations that may also require approval for this type of addition. These associations can have rules governing the location where the carport can be placed along with potential aesthetic considerations. Complying with these rules can be an inconvenience, but the costs and difficulties of getting this type of permit are usually negligible.