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Does Your Attic Need More Ventilation? 3 Signs

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The attic in your home serves more of a purpose than simply a place to store your belongings. It's a space to not only help support the roof on your home, but to also keep your home insulated. Attics usually have insulation inside of them that prevents your warm or cool air from escaping. Along with that insulation, your attic needs to be ventilated properly, as air can become trapped inside, which can damage the roof sheathing and shingles above, in addition to damaging your interior as well. Read on for signs that your attic needs more ventilation.

Hot Ceiling

If your ceiling is hot to the touch on a hot sunny day, imagine how hot it is inside your attic. A hot ceiling inside means your attic is probably several degrees hotter, which can be causing your attic to sweat. Your shingles may be cooking from the inside out, which over time will cause damage to them, and shorten the life of your roof. 

Damp Ceiling

A ceiling that is damp in either the winter or the summer can be caused from moisture in the attic. With temperatures getting too hot in the summer, it can lead to your attic getting too hot and lead to your ceiling and walls to sweat. If you spot water marks, blistering paint, or moisture running down your walls in summer months, it's a big problem. Moisture on your ceiling or walls in the winter is caused by cool air becoming trapped inside your attic and the moisture is caused when this cold air meets the warm air inside your home. Either way, it's an issue that needs to be resolved. Excess moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth.

Ice Dams

If you notice ice built up on your roof at the edges or eaves, it may be caused from the warm air inside your home escaping through the attic and through the roof. This melts the snow, leaving ice in it's wake. This build up of ice can damage a roof. It can damage shingles, or cause the sheathing to cave in if it cannot bear the weight. 

If you don't have louvered vents near the gables of your home, ridge vent on your roof, or don't have any vents on your roof, then you need to consult a professional attic insulation and ventilation company about having more ventilation added to your home. The extra moisture can damage your roof, as well as the interior of your home if not repaired.