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When Your Garage Door Springs Aren't Working: Don't Fix Springs Yourself

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The garage door springs on your automatic garage door are tightly coiled pieces of metal and should not be adjusted by the homeowner. A professional garage door spring repair specialist should handle any issues with your garage door springs, including the replacement of springs that have snapped and are no longer attached to your door. There are a number of signs that indicate you are having problems with your garage door springs. From a slow moving door as it opens, to a door that slams shut when it is fully open, your garage door springs have a big job. When you notice your garage door won't stay open all the way, it's time to get your garage door springs fixed.

A Slow Moving Garage Door

The motor on your garage door opener is only so strong. If you hear the motor straining to open your door, the issue can be with either your motor or the springs that help the door open. You may see that your garage door opens very slowly, which can burn out your motor quickly. Get the garage door springs checked when you see your motor straining to open the door.

If Your Garage Door Shuts Part Way

You may notice if your garage door shuts a few inches when it is all the way open. It can shut a few feet if the springs are exceptionally loose. While a few inches may not be a big deal, this indicates your tension springs are not working correctly. If a spring snaps, your garage door will slam to the ground and be a potential safety hazard.

Don't Touch Your Springs Yourself

You can see that the garage door springs are tight coils of metal. If one snaps when you are in the house, you will hear a loud banging noise come from your garage. You will find the broken coil pulled away from your garage door. If you are the person trying to adjust the spring yourself and it snaps, you could get seriously injured. Allow a professional to adjust your springs or replace one that is broken so that you don't get hurt.

Your garage door springs help support the weight of your heavy garage door, making it easier fro your motor to open the door. While open, the springs support the door, allowing it to stay open. When you have problems with your springs, only a professional should do work to repair them.