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How To Tell That Your Bathroom Definitely Needs An Extreme Makeover

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Face it; bathrooms are taken for granted. You probably do not think twice about your own bathroom. You go in there to do your business, wash your hands and face, brush your hair and teeth, and take showers/baths. Most of the time you are going through the motions so often you are not even looking to see if everything in the bathroom is clean until a guest asks to use the bathroom.

Then you might take a quick peek before you realize that your bathroom is probably a hot mess by most standards. Still, you may only do a quick cleanup after the guest leaves, and then your bathroom is just there again. If you are thinking about remodeling projects, you might consider redoing your bathroom. Here is how to tell for sure that your bathroom definitely needs an extreme makeover. 

Your Bathroom Is Tile, Tile, Tile

Yeesh. There is tile on the floor. There is tile on the walls, and not just around the shower and tub. Then there is even more tile around the tub and shower area. That is a lot of tile. It is even worse if it the tile is an outdated color, like three shades of pink, mint green, avocado, yellow, or powderpuff blue. Remodeling the bathroom will remove all of that tile and update it with a more modern floor, and a tub wall surround that is fiberglass and not tile. 

Your Sink Vanity Has Warped Doors and Peeling Veneer Finish

Shabby chic might be a popular look when done intentionally and correctly, but this is not a shabby chic vanity. This is clearly a vanity that has been through hell and back, and it needs to go. There are so many stylish vanities with marble tops on the market now that you can find something you really like. 

You Have Owned the House for Fifteen Years or More, and You Have Never Replaced the Toilet ONCE

That really says a lot right there. When you own your house a really long time, and the toilet was there when you bought the place and you have never replaced the toilet even once, it is time for it to go. The stains at the bottom of the bowl should have been a clue a while back. Stop ignoring the obvious ugliness of this toilet and find yourself a new one that you really like.

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