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Buying New Land To Build A Home? 2 Things To Do Before You Purchase

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If you have found some land to build a new home, there are things you need to do before you sign the papers and complete the purchase. Below are two of these things so you can get started and moved into your new home.

Hire Boundary Surveyor

Hire a boundary surveying service to do a survey on the property. This survey will show you the property lines on your land. This way, you will know the exact acreage you are purchasing so you will not pay more for land you will not own.

This will help prevent you from encroaching onto a property that is next to your land. If you were to do so, such as building a fence or a building, the landowner could make you take down what you built. This will end up costing you a lot of money.

You will also learn if there are any easements on the property that you do not know about. An easement means someone else can use your property for their purpose without paying you anything. You would still have the legal title to the land, however. You may not mind if this happens, but in many cases, someone else using your land may disrupt what you plan to use it for.

Test the Soil

If you want to have a farm or plant anything on the property, you should have the soil tested first. You may have soil that will not allow you to grow anything on it and have what you plant to grow well. For example, if the soil is mostly clay, it will be hard to grow vegetables or flowers. This is because clay oil is sticky and will not allow air to pass through the soil. Also, nutrients and water would have a difficult time getting to the roots of the plants. The soil may also be lacking nutrients.

Take a sample of soil from separate areas of the land. Put each sample into a different container and mark on the container where you took the sample from. You can then take the soil to an extension office and have them test it.

If your soil is found to be made of mostly clay, an organic material can be added to the soil and mixed in. The organic material used would be things like bark, straw, peat moss, or compost. If there are nutrients lacking, you could add these nutrients to the soil to make it much healthier.

Once you finish doing these two things, you can start building your new home.