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An Overview Of Blue Roofing Technology

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A blue roof is a roof designed to trap rainwater for different purposes. There are two major categories of blue roofs. One category is active systems, which rely on electricity (for the water pump, for example), and the other is passive systems that rely on gravity. Below is an overview of the various pros and cons of blue roofs.


Below are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you install a blue roof.

Resource Conservation

Water is a limited resource, and by collecting rainwater, you are doing your bit to conserve the available water. Not only that, but the collection and transportation of water (for example, by utility companies) also involve various forms of limited resources — such as energy. Thus, rainwater collection helps conserve more than one type of resource.

Cost Management

You can use the water collected from your blue roof to water your lawn, irrigate your orchard, wash your clothes, and do many other things. This reduces your reliance on municipal water and helps reduce your water bill.


If you crave self-reliance, using water you harvest from your own roof is a step in the right direction. For example, you won't suffer much if the municipal supply lines are affected.

Flood Prevention

If your area recces a lot of rain every year, then installing a blue roof can also help in mitigating flood damage in your home. This is because if you don't collect rainwater falling on your roof, the water may be too much for the plants, landscaping, and structures in your home.


Even though blue roofs have huge benefits, they do have some complications, just like many things in life. Below are some of the problems you may have with a blue roof.


Collecting water on the roof increases the risk of roof leaks. This is especially true for collection systems that let the water stay on the roof for a long time.


Water attracts various animals, especially inspects, that might spread diseases. Mosquitoes, cockroaches, and even birds are all attracted to moist places.

Load Capacity

Unless your roof was designed with the water collection system in mind, the system might be too heavy for your roof. The increased load will increase the wear and tear of the roofing materials and accelerate your roof's aging.

Warranty Issues

Installing a water collection system on the roof might void your warranty. This is especially true if the installation is done as an afterthought.

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