Understanding The Construction Process

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Building A New Home For You And Your Family

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A new home is something most people dream about and want for their family. Buying one is nice, but building a new home on your own land -- and with a custom design -- is even better. Working with a custom home builder is one way to make that happen.

Picking a Design

If you are working with a builder that has some pre-designed homes available, you will need to pick a design that suits your needs. Often these designs are nothing more than a starting point for the builder and you can work with them to change the plans and customize the home. 

If you want to have an architect design the home from scratch that is an option, but make sure you let the builder know this is what you are doing. They will need the plans in advance of the build to ensure that everything they need is on-site when construction begins. 

Developing Your Land

Before you can hire someone to build you a new home, you need to have a place to put it. Buying land is great, but if the land is undeveloped you will need someone to clear the land and get it ready for the home. Clear-cutting the land is not the best option -- instead, cutting some trees and building a driveway to the home site is often a better way to go.

Removing all the trees from the area promotes erosion and you will lose the shade from the site, making the home hotter in the summertime. Selective cutting creates an oasis on the land that you can enjoy just the way you like it. 

Building Your Home

Once the construction of the home begins, it doesn't take long for the home to take shape. The frame and exterior go up fast, but the interior takes a bit longer. If there are details that you want to change in the design, make sure you talk to the contractor or builder as soon as you can about the changes. If the changes affect the structural part of the home, changing it after the home is standing and the interior is started can be extremely costly. 

Designing the Interior

After the construction is complete, painting and adding the design features can start. If you want to hire an interior designer to help you, you can find someone that will put together a design based on your ideas -- or you can give them a few details about what you like, and let them run with the design and surprise you with the finished product. Once the interior design is done, all that remains is to move into your new home and enjoy it.