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Tips To Choose And Maintain Your Retractable Screens

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Your backyard space can make an amazing addition to your home's living space, but when there is dust, dirt, insects, and other pests that invade your backyard porch or come through your exterior doorway, it can make your enjoyment of the fresh air less enjoyable. A retractable screen system on your patio, porch sitting area, or on another area of your home can improve your enjoyment of your home's extension into your outdoor spaces. Here are some recommendations for proper care and use of your home's exterior retractable screens to keep them a helpful addition to your home.

Choose the Right Mesh

If you are looking to add a retractable screen to your porch, outdoor area, or exterior door, there are many types of screen material you can choose from which will provide you the best function and quality for what your specific needs are. You can find a variety of screen colors to give your retractable screen wall or door its unique appearance or to be less noticeable and more thin to allow for a good view of the outdoors. However, on the opposite end if you want to have more privacy in your screened area or behind the screen door, you can look for a mesh that is darker and provides a visual block from outside.

You can also look for a durable pet-friendly screen if you have pets in your home that will come into contact with your screen's fabric. Sharp claws on a regular mesh screen will cause tears in the weave and should be installed with a durable pet mesh. 

If your screen will be exposed to the sun's direct rays during the day, you may want to install a mesh that provides protection from the sun's UV radiation to keep the interior space more cool. You can find solar mesh that does just this and is also resistant to damage from the UV rays. Talk to your retractable screen technician about finding the right type of mesh for your screen out of all the different materials available.

Clean Your Screens and Tracks

Your screens are going to come into contact with a lot of debris and elements from the outdoors, so you need to be diligent in keeping them clean. Insects, nests, webs, and outdoor debris will collect on the screen's mesh and can cause it to clog up and reduce the airflow through the mesh. 

Be sure you regularly vacuum the inside and outside of your retractable screen mesh to keep it clean. Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to safely clean the mesh. Use a wet rag to wipe off stuck-on debris and to keep the tracks cleaned of debris build-up as well. Then, allow the screens to dry fully before you retract them.